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Clinical Hypnosis 


The Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group is a group of certified hypnotherapists who meet regularly for networking and continuing education.


Our Mission:

Clinical Care Network LLC was formed to provide a means to link hypnosis professionals from any school with a 120 hour curriculum and to share ideas and experiences for the enhancement of the hypnotherapy industry.  Clinical Care Network LLC is the parent group for Clinical Hypnosis Institute and the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group.


Clinical Hypnosis Institute: our mission is to provide excellence in hypnotherapy education and training through state of the art processes.  Our instructors are full-time hypnotherapists who continue their education so as to be current with the newest and most effective practices.  The newest techniques include the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) taught by NLP Master Practitioners, Cheryl Beshada, CMHt, and Frank Garfield, CMHt.  


Our Goal:

The goal of hypnosis, and hypnosis training, is to treat the whole person by recognizing the interconnection of body, mind, spirit and environment.

Clinical Hypnosis Institute is Michigan's only state licensed school that offers student/client supervision as an optional part of our school curriculum.  Our courses are designed to empower our students by building a firm foundation in the understanding, use and applications of hypnosis.


At the Clinical Hypnosis Institute the student begins by obtaining the C.Ht (Certified Hypnotherapist Degree) and then also state licensed advanced training, if he or she chooses, onto the C.M.Ht. (Certified Medical Hypnotherapists Degree.)  Our center is conveniently located in Warren, Michigan.  Our center houses both our classrooms and our professional offices, as well as the Clinical Care Network.  Our Medical hypnosis program has been reviewed, approved, and recommended by numerous doctors and other medical and dental professionals.


Clinical Hypnosis Institute

Clinical Hypnosis Institute is the only hypnosis school in Michigan that is state licensed to teach and certify individuals both, as Certified Hypnotherapists (CHt) and Certified Medical Hypnotherapists (CMHt).  Our curriculum is updated regularly to include the most modern techniques in use throughout the industry.  Our staff includes teachers with combined experience of over 70 years in the fields of hypnosis, therapy, medical applications, and stage hypnosis entertainment.   


The Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group provides a networking forum for professional hypnotherapists to discuss case histories, learn new techniques, and stay abreast of the most up-to-date information in all areas of hypnosis.  It is our mission to provide excellence of service through on-going support and to provide individual case consultation as well as advanced classes and programs.


Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group Members are among the finest in the field of Hypnosis. Each hypnotherapist listed in our directory has met the strict criteria required in order to qualify for and maintain membership. Members listed in our directory attend regular meetings and "Advanced Workshops" to maintain the professional status of Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) and Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (C.M.Ht.)


Parking area is in the rear of the building - enter at the last door

8200 Old 13 Mile Rd , Suite 110

Warren, MI 48093