How Hypnosis Works


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, heightened focus and hyper suggestibility where selective thinking can be established.


Hypnotherapy is the art of using the hypnotic state to elicit positive change and improvement in beliefs, behaviors and physical conditions.

Conscious Mind

Mental Iceberg: Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind

The conscious mind is the logical, rational, judgmental part of each individual.  Consciousness is our awareness, or perception of the environment and of our own mental processes. It is the part that we use for thinking and problem solving.  It involves left brain activity and what we use for such activities as balancing the check book.  It also is the part that we tap into when we use will power.

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind (a.k.a. unconscious) is that part of the personality which dwells below the surface of waking consciousness. It controls the autonomic nervous system, which in turn controls bleeding, bruising, swelling, pain, blood pressure, etc.  It is also that part of the mind that has ideas, feelings, and emotions that the person is not aware of.  It subliminally records all information taken by the senses and is programmed by rewards, punishments, and messages that subtly build up our internal pictures of self-worthiness.  The subconscious houses the memory and the goal achieving system.  Through hypnosis you can tap into this powerful resource to remove blocks that have been keeping you from achieving your goals and reprogram the mind in a healthy and positive way. 

Hypnosis CD’s and MP 3’s

Hypnosis CD

Hypnosis recordings are specifically formulated to help reinforce your progress on a regular basis.  Words, phrases and sentences are strategically conveyed for maximum success. Through repetition of daily listening you are creating new positive neural pathways that support your desired goals.