Clinical Hypnosis Institute

This course, with Clinical Hypnosis Institute, was well constructed, informative, and very easily understood. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in developing skills in hypnotherapy. Cheryl and Frank are excellent teachers; very professional, ethical and dedicated. The teaching is highly effective, the classroom atmosphere was always professional and engaging, with ample time to ask questions and explore unique issues in hypnosis. At the end of our training, not only did I feel confident to begin incorporating hypnotherapy into my professional practice, but I was taught advanced clinical skills that have truly made a difference in my clients’ lives.

Birmingham, MI

It was an honor and wonderful learning period, working with Cheryl and Frank, they gave very good explanations on how to work with different personalities and troubling situations. Through the years, Cheryl has helped guide me and provide new scripts for hard to solve situations. The beauty of working with Cheryl and Frank is that the classes give great detail with explanations of how to deal with difficult situations and problems. They were kind and thoughtful and very sincere for the love of their work and helping people in all areas.

Roanoke, VA

I am grateful every day for the thorough training in hypnotherapy that I received at The Clinical Hypnosis Institute. Being able to access the combined experience and wisdom that Cheryl Beshada and Frank Garfield offer so generously was inspiring as well as profoundly educational. The live practical experience they include in their program in invaluable. As everyone knows, book learning is different than actually doing something and I would not have the confidence I have today without their guidance and mentoring. I doubt that there is another program out there that is the equal to the hypnotherapy training that I received. My highest recommendation!

Birmingham, MI

While taking the hypnosis course through Clinical Hypnosis Institute, Frank and Cheryl take their time explaining processes and go over and over the process so you understand how to practice the procedure accurately.  When you are done with the full course you are confident knowing how the processes of hypnosis work.  When graduating from Clinical Hypnosis Institute you are ready to open your business.  They give you everything you need to succeed.

Marshall, MI

I attended CHI to further my interests in natural healing and energy work. I am an RN and am finding hypnosis to be an invaluable tool not only for myself but for the many clients in my small community who have never had the option of hypnosis locally. Frank and Cheryl are knowledgeable, easy to learn from and will help you with your practice long after you graduate. CHI is professional but relaxed enough to make you feel like family. One of the best career moves I have ever made.

Hudson, MI

If you are seeking a new career path or just looking for personal development this may be what you need.  Cheryl and Frank’s combined experience of 60 years have produced a state-of-the-art school of hypnosis.  After certification through the Clinical Hypnosis Institute, the support for your success continues.

Trenton, MI

Are you interested in receiving a stellar education in hypnotherapy? Then I highly recommend Cheryl Beshada and Frank Garfield at the Clinical Hypnosis Institute in Warren! Cheryl and Frank are exceptionally skilled hypnotherapists and teachers of hypnotherapy. They offer training courses throughout the year and provide hands-on hypnotherapy experiences. Cheryl and Frank also offer continued education workshops on a variety of topics. Cheryl and Frank offer great insight and are always available for consultations.

Westland, MI