Hypnosis Certification Course

Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) Course Investment: $2,985

Certified Hypnotherapist, (C.Ht.)

There are three courses that lead to certification as a clinical hypnotherapist. Each course module builds on the previous one. Classes are held on the 2nd and 4th weekend (Saturday/Sunday from 9:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m.) of each month. Dates may change due to some holidays. Students will also receive (9) comprehensive course manuals, that will also be provided as electronic downloads.

MODULE ONE: Basic Hypnosis — 40 Hours

Module I introduces the discipline of hypnosis basics to the beginning student.  Hypnotherapy is a two-part process of Hypnosis and Therapy.  In Module I the primary focus is on the basics of psychology, hypnotic induction and how it is implemented in order to help someone stop smoking and to learn and teach self hypnosis.  The following subjects will be addressed along with numerous in-class practice sessions.

  • History — Principles of Induction
  • How to Conduct a Stop Smoking Program — Structure of Change (Values & Beliefs)
  • Transpersonal Facilitation — Therapeutic Skills
  • Scripted Inductions — Language & Communication
  • Health Issues Post — Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Abreactions — Self Hypnosis
  • Introduction to Psychology — Introduction to N.L.P.
  • Mental Aspects (Dissociation) — Introduction to Ericksonian
  • Waking Hypnosis — Hypnotherapy
  • Trance Management — Demonstration & Practicum
  • Optional Stop Smoking Supervision — 2 Sessions with a client (4 Hours) *

MODULE TWO: Advanced Hypnosis — 32 Hours

In Module II the students are introduced to hypnotic regression therapy and pain management.  Their knowledge and experience will be expanded through the subjects listed below and the use of advanced methods of hypnosis, language skills, and therapeutic processes. Students may apply what they’ve learned in class to work with a client under supervision in a professional hypnotherapy clinic.

  • Advanced Induction & Therapy — Somnambulism / Aphasia
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestion — Catalepsy
  • Trance Options (Eyes Open) — Amnesia / Hypermnesia
  • Hypno-Therapy — N.L.P. Continued
  • Trance Deepening — Creative Inductions
  • Non-Verbal Inductions — Demonstration & Practicum
  • Therapeutic Metaphors — Weight/Shape Management Programs
  • Instant And Rapid Inductions — Therapeutic Paradox
  • Pain Management — Subconscious Mind Healing (SMH)
  • Optional Weight Client Supervision — 5 sessions (10 Hours) *

MODULE THREE: Analytical Hypnotherapy — 48 Hours

In this Module the student learns more advanced Regression Therapy processes through the use of Analytical Hypnotherapy and the subjects listed in the Syllabus.

  • What Is Regression Therapy — Handling Abreactions
  • Regression Therapy Techniques — Affect Bridge
  • When and How It Is Used — Resolution & Integration
  • “Ego Strengthening” — Role Playing Processes
  • Ideomotor Signaling — Post-Hypnotic Suggestions & Reinduction
  • Creating a Comfortable Feeling or Safe Place — Higher Self Processes
  • Uncovering Techniques — Energy Retrieval
  • Working Through Resistance — Demonstration & Practicum
  • Inner Child Healing — Regression In The Womb
  • Cryptoamnesia – Past Life – Between Life or Metaphor — Spiritual Aspects of Hypnosis
  • Business and Marketing — Forms & Letters for Networking

We want all of our students to be successful upon graduation and one of the most unique parts of this certification process is the last day of the course when we cover the business aspects of a successful hypnotherapy practice.

* Each Optional Student/Client appointments is scheduled for a 90 minute session, plus a half hour session review.  Sessions are by appointment, and scheduled under the supervision of a Certified Hypnotherapist.