Clinical Hypnosis
Professional Group

Hypnotherapy by Certified and Registered Professionals

Mission Statement

The Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group provides a networking forum for hypnotherapists to discuss case histories, learn new techniques, and stay abreast of the most up-to-date information in all areas of hypnosis. On going support is a member service provided through individual case consultation as well as advanced classes and programs.


Meetings are once a month on the first Saturday of each month from 9:30 AM – 12 Noon. If for any reason you cannot attend a regular meeting but would like the manual or written material from that meeting, you can mail in $20 in lieu of attendance and we will email you the material. Meetings by email count for 1 CEU.

Should you have any particular case problems or questions, you can e-mail or call in advance of the meeting so that we can bring it up at the meeting for discussion and we will get back to you with answers. The same applies to new techniques or processes you develop and would like to share with the group.


On-Line and/or In Person

8200 Old 13 Mile Rd., Suite 110
Warren, MI 48093

(S.E. corner of Washington Blvd. and Old 13 Mile Rd. – Turn east off Van Dyke – Just down the street from Buddy’s Pizza)


$100 Annual Registration Fee. $20 per month (for each meeting attended) includes monthly manual of scripts and processes. You will also receive an email of the scripts and process to download into your computer. With each attended meeting you receive 2 CEU’s.

  • Membership includes Free Mentoring by phone or email with Cheryl Beshada
  • Discounts on Hypnosis CD’s
  • Discounts on Hypnosis Workshops
  • Free Website Listing for C.Ht. members who have graduated from state licensed schools and who maintain 20 CEU’s per year. Consideration is given for hypnosis training on a case by case basis. Members can earn credits for attending state licensed school classes offered throughout the year.
  • Application for Professional Liability Insurance
    • 4 Hours of Risk Management will apply towards a 10% discount with the Lockton Insurance Company and is achieved through the Taking Care of Business Class or through attending 4 Clinical Hypnosis Pro Group Meetings where the topic is discussed.

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)

20 CEU’s are required each year to maintain your free listing in the Pro Group Member Directory. CEU’s are given for approved hypnosis classes including the Medical Series and the Professional Series of workshops that are taught through the Clinical Hypnosis Institute. Pro Group meetings also apply toward continuing education units.

For your free web site listing, 20 CEU’ s are to be earned annually and they can be earned in the following ways:

  • Attending a Pro Group meeting — 2 Ceu’s
  • Purchasing the Pro Group meeting material and reading it — 1 Ceu
  • Attending an approved Hypnosis Class or Workshop — 1 Ceu per hour of training
  • Clinical Hypnosis Institute – 1 day class or review — 8 Ceu’s per class day
  • Clinical Hypnosis Institute – 2 day class or review — 16 Ceu’s

Advanced Workshops

Specialty certification workshops (Discounted for members) will be held regularly to provide members an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge The Medical Hypnosis Series and the Professional Series courses are taught and credited through Clinical Hypnosis Institute; a state licensed school of hypnotherapy. Certification can be achieved in specialized areas such as:

Medical Hypnosis Series

Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (C.M.Ht.) is issued at the completion of the Medical Series.

  • Intro to Physiology and Anatomy
  • Creating Medical Scripts
  • Smoking Cessation ✔
  • Subconscious Mind Healing (SMH) ✔
  • Weight/Shape Management ✔
  • Instant and Rapid Inductions ✔
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Trauma Management
  • Regression Therapy ✔
  • Hypnodontics
  • Pain Management ✔
  • Basic Core Issue Clearing
  • Hypnosis for Cancer Patients
  • Pre and Post Surgery and Organ Transplants

Professional Series

  • Working Through Relationships
  • Sports Hypnosis
  • Super Learning
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety, Fears and Phobias
  • Higher Self Communication ✔
  • Creating and Using Metaphors
  • Taking Care of Business ✔
  • Waking Hypnosis ✔
  • Dream Therapy
  • Past :Life – InBetween – Surrogate Hypnosis ✔

Courses denoted by a ✔ are included in the Clinical Hypnosis Certification Course.

State of the Art Client CD’s

The Clinical Hypnosis Pro Group is your wholesaler for state of the art CD’s. We use the latest digital technology; including theta tones, double voice, subliminals and special music to maximize your client success. As a Pro Group member you receive a substantial discount and can retail these products and earn money doing so, or include a CD as part of your client sessions.

You can receive a catalogue by calling (586) 899-9009 or email

CD orders can be emailed to and picked up at the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group Meetings in Warren or at Clinical Hypnosis Institute classes — payable to: Clinical Care Network. They can also be mailed for an additional fee. Prices below include 6% MI sales tax.

  • Client Price — $21.20 / CD
  • Pro Group Members and C.H.I. Students — $13.78 / CD
  • Pro Group Members and C.H.I. Students — $58.30 / Package of 5 CD’s
  • Pro Group Members and C.H.I. Students — $84.80 / Package of 10 CD’s

Mp3 Recordings on Memory Stick

$150. Includes permission of these recordings for hypnotherapist’s client use only – You can email the recordings to your clients. Not for individual resale or internet, website or electronic resale.

  1. 417 and 528 Hz. Solfeggio Music
  2. 2016 Insomnia
  3. 2018 SMH – Cheryl Beshada
  4. Adapting to Change – Cheryl Beshada
  5. Adapting to Change – Frank Garfield
  6. Deep Relax – Frank Garfield
  7. Double Voice Tranquility
  8. Driving
  9. Fear of Flying
  10. Fibromyalgia
  11. Good Night’s Sleep
  12. Higher Self Conditioning
  13. P_ Melt Away
  14. P_ From Pain to Comfort C.B. – 1
  15. P_ Melt Away Pain – C.B. – 2
  16. P_ Pain to Comfort – F.G. Metaphor
  17. Past Life Regression Preparation
  18. Self Esteem – Double Voice
  19. Self Esteem – Subliminal Music
  20. SM_C.B. Stop Smoking Final Session
  21. SM_C.B. Stop Smoking Prep (Prepare to Stop Smoking – Session One)
  22. SM_ Stop Smoking Subliminal
  23. SM_ Stop Smoking Final Session 2007 F.G. and C.B.
  24. SM_Stop Smoking 1 Session OZ – Frank Garfield
  25. W_2004 Zebu Weight and Shape (Ericksonian Word Patterns)
  26. W_ Body Chemistry 2007 – CB
  27. W_ Double Voice – Weight 2009
  28. W_Release Weight – C.B. (Begins with Self Hypnosis Induction)
  29. W_Reshape 1,2,3 (Three Processes with Cheryl, Frank and Double Voice Process)
  30. W_ Reshape – Carbs and Comfort Foods – F.G. (Begins with Self Hypnosis Induction)
  31. W_Smaller Stomach – F.G.
  32. W_ Sugar Cravings – C.B. (Begins with Self Hypnosis Induction)
  33. W_Weight Loss and Stress – C.B.
  34. Well-Being – C.B.