Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group (Pro Group)

As an experienced professional hypnotherapist and trainer myself, I can’t say enough good things about the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group, the Clinical Hypnosis Institute, and the directors Frank Garfield and Cheryl Beshada.  Their content is leading-edge and constantly updated.  It is presented very clearly with supportive reference materials, providing everything needed to implement immediately.  The Pro Group meetings are opportunities for ongoing learning, networking, and idea exchange with a group of exceptional professionals.  Frank and Cheryl generously and freely give their time and ideas; they are the most supportive and talented mentors imaginable.  In the past, I rarely associated with professional groups because I’m a competence fanatic and don’t like to waste my scarce time.  I’ve been participating in this group for several years now and attend almost every activity, always finding each experience awesomely worthwhile.  I have also come to this group as a client, and received the help I needed to achieve profound changes that I was unable to accomplish anywhere else.

South Lyon, MI

My association with the Pro Group is the absolute best move I made as a professional hypnotherapist.  I have enhanced my knowledge and my professionalism tremendously.  The education offered here is superior.

Prescott, AZ

My involvement with Clinical Hypnosis Pro Group has brought my level of professionalism to a whole new level.  Frank and Cheryl along with all the wonderful talented hypnotherapists associated with the Pro Group continue to enlighten and enhance my awareness of what’s new and different in my profession. The continuing education programs are the best I have experienced.

Howell, MI

Frank and Cheryl are outstanding as hypnotherapists, teachers and people!  You would be hard pressed to find harder working, more creative, more supportive folks in this profession.  Thanks for Everything.

Pinkney, MI

I have found this group to be supportive and willing to share techniques and information with other members.  I would highly recommend the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group to other practitioners of hypnosis.

W. Bloomfield, MI

With their combined styles and years of expertise, Frank and Cheryl are a “Gold Mine” of information on hypnotherapy.  They pay attention to “what works best” for their clients, students and other therapists and are always eager to pass on their wealth of information.  If you want to be the best Hypnotherapist you can be – belonging to the Pro Group is a must!

Brighton, MI

I am so delighted that you are continuing to offer this incredible service to practicing hypnotherapists. The clinical support and legal updates make it much easier to feel confident.  Several months ago when I called the Pro Group for guidance in working with a very unusual problem, I really didn’t expect the very specific guidance I received.  The approach suggested was right on target and the intervention worked perfectly.  Thanks for being there.

Laingsburg, MI

My experience with the Pro Group is the most positive and supportive of any professional group I have been involved with.  The friendship and knowledge during and between meetings is extremely valuable to me personally and professionally.

Howell, MI

The Pro Group continues to present state-of-the-art methods that keep me growing.  Their generous sharing and support create a wonderful learning environment.

South, Lyon, MI

I like the feeling of confidence that the Pro Group gives me.  I know that any time I encounter an unfamiliar situation that stumps me, I know that I can turn to Frank and Cheryl for expert assistance.

Laingsburg, MI

It’s great to be a part of a professional support group.  Cheryl and Frank are always available for questions or concerns.  I’m very blessed to be part of this group.

Dearborn Heights, MI

I have found Frank Garfield and Cheryl Beshada to be very open, and willing to share their expertise in hypnotherapy.  They have responded quickly to questions and have provided suggestions for working with many different issues.

West Bloomfield, MI

When I was a practicing hypnotherapist in Michigan, I found the Pro Group membership and meetings to be an invaluable resource.  Now that I have relocated to Southern Oregon, I find that the benefits, support and inspiration of the Pro Group to be just as reliable and forthcoming as when I was able to attend the meetings in person.  I do miss interacting with and learning from my peers, but thank you Frank and Cheryl for all you do to insure that I don’t have to miss anything else the Pro Group offers. Even long distance the Pro Group is unbeatable!

Grants Pass, OR