CHI Syllabus & Investment

State Licensed School & Curriculum

Professional Series Courses         Medical Courses


Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) Course 

2nd and 4th weekend of each month from 9am - 5pm daily

3 Modules, $995 per Module, 120+ Classroom hours

16 hours Client Supervision optional  

 Module I - Basic Hypnosis (Including Smoking Cessation)  

Classroom time                       32.5 hours

Home study                               7.5 hours

Clinical supervision                   4    hours (optional)

Total module time =               44 Classroom Hours

Module I introduces the discipline of hypnosis basics to the beginning student.  Hypnotherapy is a two-part process of Hypnosis and Therapy.  In Module I the primary focus is on the basics of psychology, hypnotic induction and how it is implemented in order to help someone Stop Smoking and to learn & teach Self Hypnosis.  The following subjects will be addressed along with numerous in-class practice sessions.


History                                                        PRINCIPLES OF INDUCTION

How to Conduct a Stop Smoking             STRUCTURE OF CHANGE (value & belief systems)   Program   

Transpersonal Facilitation                        THERAPEUTIC SKILLS

Scripted Inductions                                    LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION

Health Issues                                               POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS

Abreactions                                                 SELF HYPNOSIS

Introduction to Psychology                        INTRODUCTION TO NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP)

Waking Hypnosis                                         INTRODUCTION TO ERICKSONIAN HYPNOTHERAPY

Mental Aspects (dissociation)                   TRANCE MANAGEMENT

                                                                       DEMONSTRATION & PRACTICUM



Module II Syllabus - Advanced Hypnosis                         

Classroom time                                                                    40 Hours

Weight/Shape Supervision 3 sessions approx.  2 hrs each   6 Hours (optional)

                                                            Total Module Time = 46 Classroom Hours

In Module II the students are introduced to hypnotic regression therapy; their knowledge and experience will be expanded through the subjects listed below and the use of advanced methods of hypnosis, language skills, and therapeutic processes.  

(Optional)  Students may apply what they've learned in class to work with a client under supervision in a professional hypnotherapy clinic.


Advanced Induction & Therapy                        SOMNAMBULISM / APHASIA

Pain Management                                              SUBCONSCIOUS MIND HEALING (SMH)

Post Hypnotic Suggestion                                CATALEPSY

Waking Hypnosis                                               AMNESIA / HYPERMNESIA

Speed Inductions                                               NLP CONTINUED

Trance Deepening                                              PAIN MANAGEMENT

Non-verbal Inductions                                       DEMONSTRATION AND PRACTICUM

Therapeutic Metaphors                                     WEIGHT/SHAPE  MANAGEMENT   

Crypto amnesia - Past Life or Subconscious    THERAPEUTIC PARADOX  Metaphors

Intro to Stage Hypnosis                                     (Overeat just enough to lose 2 lbs.)





Module III Syllabus - The Art of Regression Therapy, Analytical Hypnosis    


Classroom time                                                                      40 Hours

Weight/Shape Supervision 3 sessions approx.  2 hrs each    6 Hours (optional)

                                                              Total Module time = 46 Hours

In this Module the student learns more advanced Regression Therapy processes through the use of Analytical Hypnotherapy and the subjects listed below.  

We want all of our students to be successful upon graduation and one of the most unique parts of this certification process is the last day of the course when we cover the business aspects of a successful hypnotherapy practice.   


Regression Therapy Techniques                                   HANDLING ABREACTIONS

What Regression Therapy Is                                          RESOLUTION & INTEGRATION

When and How It Is used                                                AFFECT BRIDGE - SOMATIC BRIDGE -   LINGUISTIC  BRIDGE

 “Ego Strengthening”                                                      ROLE PLAYING PROCESSES

Ideomotor Signaling                                                        HIGHER SELF PROCESSES

Creating a Comfortable Feeling and/or Safe Place       POST-HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS AND REINDUCTION

Uncovering Techniques                                                   ENERGY RETRIEVAL

Working Through Resistance                                          DEMONSTRATION AND PRACTICUM

Forms & Letters for Networking                                      INNER CHILD HEALING

Business & Marketing (w/Risk Management)  



With optional Supervision, Total time in class for Certification = 120+ hours (Each Student/client Supervision session is scheduled for 1.5 hours with the client plus a .5 hour review with the instructor.  Sometimes the Supervision will run a little over 2 hours each if the student wants to discuss particular aspects of the session review).



Books, Manuals & Manual on Interactive CDs provided in the course include:


Module I

- Basic Hypnosis Manual

Basic Hypnosis Manual on Interactive CD 

Smoking Cessation Manual

Smoking Cessation Manual on Interactive CD   2 Client folders & 2 client CDs

Module II

 - Advanced Hypnosis Manual

Advanced Hypnosis Manual on Interactive CD 

Subconscious Mind Healing Manual

SMH Manual on Interactive CD

Rapid & Instantaneous Inductions Manual

Rapid & Instantaneous Inductions Manual on Interactive CD 

Pain Management Manual

Pain Management Manual on Interactive CD 

Weight/Shape Management Manual

Weight/Shape Management Manual on Interactive CD  1 Client Folder & 3 client CDs

Module III

- Analytical Hypnosis Manual

Analytical Hypnosis Manual on Interactive CD

Taking Care of Business Manual

Taking Care of Business Manual on Interactive CD

Letters & Forms Manual

Letters & Forms Manual on Interactive CD


Clinical Hypnosis Institute 

Medical Course Series (red) Total clock Hours = 168

Pro Series (blue)  

All courses are Licensed by the State of Michigan

The specialty courses listed below are held at the Comerica Bank Building in Warren (See  map) 

The investment for each specialty course is $200 per day - 2-day courses are $400 

Professional Group Members pay $150 per day - 2-day courses are $300

Prerequisite for these courses - Certified Hypnotherapist or currently enrolled in C.H.I .

Professional Liability Insurance for hypnotherapists now available through the Clinical

Hypnosis Professional Group.  See "Benefits" page                              

The Professional Series.

Make your advanced training count - Train with a State Licensed School and a State Licensed Course

These courses are designed as post graduate level certification for the Certified professional hypnotherapist who wants to sharpen and expand their skill in specialty areas.  The courses may be taken one at a time and don't have to be taken in a particular order.  Certificates are issued for each course.

Anxiety, Fears & Phobias

Many people today have anxiety about upcoming events, fears about driving & flying, and intense fears called phobias about heights, spiders, snakes, germs, etc.  This course provides advanced training in hypnotic interventions to assist the client in overcoming these disruptions in their life.

Creating Metaphors

For thousands of years the most effective method of teaching has been through the use of metaphors.  The subconscious mind responds well and positively to stories that illustrate how someone or something changed.  This course is about how to create effective therapeutic stories.

Sports Performance

This course was created from the hundreds of professional athletes we've seen as clients requesting hypnotic intervention to overcome blocks that prevented an athlete from excelling in their particular sport.  Cheryl Beshada and Frank Garfield share their experience in successfully helping athletes excel in many, many varieties of sport.

Dream Therapy

Frank Garfield is the author of an international best-selling book entitled DREAMS, Unlock the

Secrets of Your Subconscious Mind.  This book has been reprinted in hard cover 8 times since

1995 and is published by Barnes & Noble.  You will receive your own Dream Interpretation Dictionary and learn how to distinguish the different types of dreams and help clients understand what their dreams are telling them.


One of the best courses a hypnotherapist can take.  Understanding the dynamics of interrelationships (personal, family, business, romantic, etc.) and the role of personal priorities will clearly tell a client why a particular relationship isn't working and what needs to happen to resolve that problem.  Clients begin to recognize disruptive patterns that can then be reframed through the hypnotherapeutic process.

Taking Care of Business w/ Risk Management** (Included in the CHI Core Curriculum)  A person can be the best therapist there is and yet fail because they don't know how to conduct business, they don't understand certain business principles such as accounting, proper advertising, not knowing how to make or use a business plan, and such things as selective Target Marketing.  This one day course is taught in conjunction with our excellent Clinical Hypnosis Institute CHt Certification course and is open to all certified hypnotherapists interested in enhancing their business skills.

Grief & Loss

Some people get over things easily and others take years and a great deal of counseling before they feel normal again.  Hypnotic intervention can short-cut months and even years of grief through a process called 'CLOSURE.'  Grief and loss can take many forms including loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of home and lifestyle due to disaster and even loss of relationship


The Medical Series

Make your advanced training count

Train with a State Licensed School and a State Licensed Curriculum

These courses are designed as post graduate level certification for the Certified professional hypnotherapist who wants to sharpen and expand their skill in specialty areas.  The courses may be taken one at a time and don't have to be taken in a particular order.  Certificates are issued for each course.

There are fifteen courses in the Medical Hypnosis Certification (C.M.Ht.) Program. We have designed these courses so that a certified hypnotherapist with 120 hours of training from a state licensed hypnosis school may enter this program of certification. These courses begin every other year and the program may be entered at any time, courses may be taken consecutively or one at a time.  Certification occurs when all 15 courses have been completed. 


Introduction to Physiology & Anatomy

This course is designed to introduce the hypnotherapist to body systems and some of the common problems with each system and suggestions for hypnosis intervention strategies. 

Rapid and Instantaneous Inductions*  

No hypnotist should be without this.  You will finish this course as an adept in speed inductions, learning the subtle nuances that make these gems work every time with any client.  Standing up, sitting down, or in a hospital bed these inductions save time when you need it. Speed Inductions are very useful when there is a maximum of work to be done and a short amount of time to do it in.  A rapid or instantaneous induction is not only quick but often quite a deep trance state.  They are useful for deepening a trance state, fractionation, and conditioning a client for future sessions.  

Creating Medical Programs

This course is designed to teach individual hypnotherapists how to develop hypnotic strategies for a wide variety of medical conditions.  Programs are developed using language patterns developed via Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and specialized usage of Waking Hypnosis techniques.  This is an extension of the previous course on Physiology & Anatomy. 

Smoking Cessation*

Every hypnotherapist should have a successful stop smoking program.  Our client's at Clinical Care Network have reported over 90% long term success rate with this program.

Subconscious Mind Healing (SMH)*

SMH is a variation of the wonderful Analytical Hypnosis process originally developed by Dr. Edgar Barnett.   In this technique (developed by Frank Garfield) there is no dialogue between therapist & client.  Rather, the therapist guides the client through a subconscious process to find the original cause and the solution of the presenting problem.  Often times the therapist and even the client is unaware of the cause of the problem, yet resolution is achieved. 

Regression Therapy

This allows the therapist to regress the client to the original cause of the problem through yet another variation of Dr. Edgar Barnette's Analytical Hypnotherapy.  In this process there is a dialogue between client & therapist during trance and is a totally different approach than that used with the SMH process.  It is so important to find the original cause (often referred to as the Initial Sensitizing Event or ISE) otherwise it is like cutting the weeds off at ground level in the garden - looks good today, but it will grow back unless the roots are removed. Higher Self Work is also employed to guide the Subconscious from an advanced perspective.

Weight/Shape Management*

W/SM shows the hypnotherapist how to conduct an effective program focusing on finding a new body shape rather than losing weight.  We find this to be a more effective program because the subconscious mind doesn't want to lose anything but is quite happy to find a new shape.  After all, it isn't your weight that doesn't fit into those favorite clothes ... it is the shape of your body.  This program encourages a healthy life style that promotes healthy eating, exercise and stress management. 

Pregnancy & Childbirth - Hypno-birthing, The Garfield Method

This is one of the few programs that encompasses pre-pregnancy issues, the pregnancy, the delivery, and post-natal areas of childbirth.  The focus of this program is on individual attention to the mother and her needs as they arise throughout the process of having a child.  Hypnosis has proven effective in maintaining a comfortable pregnancy, an easy delivery, and quick recovery following the birth. 

Trauma Management

Trauma Management demonstrates how shock is an altered state of consciousness that can be used hypnotically to induce change in an injured persons condition, e.g., bleeding, swelling, bruising, pain, etc.

Hypnodontics (All aspects of hypnosis in dentistry)

The course covers just about anything and everything you could possibly use in dental hypnosis including:  Hypnoanesthesia, Bruxism, TMJ, braces, bridges, adjusting to false teeth, rapid healing after an extraction, minimize or eliminate bleeding during cleaning or following an extraction, and much, much more. 

Basic Core Issue Clearing

Core Issue is an adaptation of a process originally developed by Joan Ratliff, B.A., CHt and is presented by Cheryl Beshada, CMHt.  The Core Issue Clearing Process is a form of regression therapy.  It is designed as an all-inclusive process to uncover, release and resolve the client's presenting issue.  Joan Ratliff originally designed the Core Issue Clearing to be used solely as an Ideomotor process.  Cheryl Beshada added the option of Higher Self Work and of verbal communication to elicit further resolution and integration. Sometimes clients are aware of the cause of the issue and sometimes they are not.  Conscious awareness is not always necessary in order for the problem to be resolved.  The comparison and analogy of the subconscious mind to a computer is introduced and a safe file folder is established to hold the client's core issues.  The therapist asks strategically formulated questions that illicit responses that are then categorized into groups according to similarity.  Some issues are similar in nature and may pertain to the same Initial Sensitizing Event and others may have an entirely different cause that still pertain to the client's presenting issue.   We have found this process to be very thorough and effective for resolution of core issues.   

Pre & Post Surgery and Organ Transplants

Here is a course that was just written in the year 2002 following requests from several clients we worked with during the previous year. Pre surgery anxiety can present many problems for the patient as well as the surgeon.  Most of these problems can be easily overcome with hypnosis.  Post-Surgery Recovery can be much shorter in duration and much more comfortable through the use of hypnosis. This course also includes processes to help clients adapt to appliances for hip and knee replacement surgery as well as prosthesis and phantom pain.  Organ Transplants present some very unique problems.  Both pre and post-surgery processes are useful for organ transplants.  Sometimes organs are rejected when by all rights they shouldn't be because there is no logical medical reason for a rejection.  Many organ recipients report changes in personality traits.  Taking on some characteristics of the donor is not uncommon.  We've scientifically researched why some of these things happen and how hypnosis can help change this phenomenon. 

Hypnotic intervention for Pain Management*

This one is extremely useful and patients can be taught how to employ it through self-hypnosis as well as with a therapist.  Various techniques are employed for acute pain as well as for chronic pain.  Learn techniques to alleviate numerous types and varieties of pain, including phantom pain post limb amputation.   Many of our private clients have reported that they came in with headaches or body aches & pains that were gone after their session for something unrelated.  Deep relaxation alone will reduce or eliminate many aches & pains without even addressing them directly.  Specific hypnosis direction to a particular area of concern can reduce or eliminate discomfort literally within seconds.  Frank will show you techniques that have eliminated migraine headaches in 30 seconds over the telephone. 

Hypnotic Intervention for Cancer Patients

This one was requested of us by the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists Association (PCHA) Australia. It could be a career specialty in and of itself.  You will be shown hypnosis techniques that effectively reduce or eliminate pain and reduce or eliminate side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy (hair loss, nausea, weakness, etc).  These programs in conjunction with medical care have also been effective in reducing the size of tumors, the growth rate of tumors and cancer cell production, and in some cases elimination of the cancer completely.

NOTE: Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are included in the CHI Certification course.


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